Page 27 (Lower Half)

The Warren Street Maze was designed by Alan Fletcher, a god among graphic designers (this is wait the book said so feel I have to note this). Since the average interval between tubes is 3 minutes, Flectcher created a puzzle that would take longer to solve, how lovely and frustrating of him!


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Possibly the most amazing/odd/cluttered Victorian museum of zoology I have ever seen!

The Grant Museum of Zoology, UCL, London


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Beneath the scholary air that hangs over this collection of Eqyptian antiquities, lurks some very saucy artefacts.One of the artefacts is a marble bas relief of the Egyptian god, Min. Apparently he ate a lot of lettuce which is why his **ah-hem** is horizantal and massive...


Sorry I havent posted for a while but have a day off this week and am planning a massive Clandestine London day out :)