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"On the South-East corner of Trafalgar Square, surely one of Londons biggest tourist destinations, is Britian's Smallest Police Station." Currently its being used as a street cleaner storage with no markings to note it was once a Police Station. Everyone was there taking pictures of the National Gallery and we were talking pictures of this.
"At the foot of the steps below the National Gallery, well worn by the boots of weary sightseers, a series of small brass plagues mark the standard imperial measures by an inch, foot, two feet and a yard."
The centre of London, located on a traffic island..couldnt think of a safer place for everyone to stand and take pictures. Whats amazingh is that ALL the tourists had no idea and were only focused on the National Gallery and Nelson's Column...crazy whats about without the majority of people knowing.

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  1. Nice pics again and great posts sis. Like the smallest police station too!