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1964 saw a new landmark added to the front of the store – the famous Fortnum's clock, with bells from the same foundry as Big Ben. Every fifteen minutes a selection of airs is played on eighteen bells, and once an hour Messrs F&M themselves appear to check that standards are being upkept.

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"Pickering Place was notorious for its gambling dens. Its seclusion also made it a favorite spot for duels, although the limited space suggests that folling around with any kind of weapon - let alone pistols - would have been instantly fatal. It is claimed that the last duel in England was fought here."

A Secret Cellar - located at 3 St James Street since 1698, Berry Brothers & Rudd is Britian's oldest wine merchant. A secret tunnel, now blocked by wine bottles, leads to St James' Palace.

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"Tucked away on Malborough Gate, beside St James' Palace, is this dreamy (but not necessarily in a pleasant way) Art Nouveau memorial to Queen Alexandra, long suffering wife of King Edward VII."

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A tiny tombstone at the foot of a giant tree lies a very old dead Alsation, this is Giro's grave. The German Ambassador that lived in 9 Carlton House Terrace between 1932 to 1936 buried his best friend here.

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Benjamin Franklin's House....did you know apart from being a founding father of the US of A he also invented the bifocal spectacles?!

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"On the South-East corner of Trafalgar Square, surely one of Londons biggest tourist destinations, is Britian's Smallest Police Station." Currently its being used as a street cleaner storage with no markings to note it was once a Police Station. Everyone was there taking pictures of the National Gallery and we were talking pictures of this.
"At the foot of the steps below the National Gallery, well worn by the boots of weary sightseers, a series of small brass plagues mark the standard imperial measures by an inch, foot, two feet and a yard."
The centre of London, located on a traffic island..couldnt think of a safer place for everyone to stand and take pictures. Whats amazingh is that ALL the tourists had no idea and were only focused on the National Gallery and Nelson's Column...crazy whats about without the majority of people knowing.