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Longerplayer is inside London's ONLY lighthouse (it is possibly the smallest light house I have ever seen as well!) Its pretty intense listening to it inside a lighthouse...the sounds almost make you feel enclosed inside it and you can actually feel the vibrations http://longplayer.org/what/overview.php After that was Fat Boys Dinner, food under a fiver...thats pretty much all I have to say on that matter : / http://www.fatboysdinerlondon.com/

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Not really sure whether this would of been good or bad as it was closed...St Peters Barge is a church on a boat..sounds like a good idea, although not sure whether it would be entirely appropriate to vomit of sea-sickness in the middle of a sermen!

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In the middle of Heron Quays Roundabout it stands flashing different colours at the same time. Traffic Light Tree in Canary Wharf is pretty cool, although if you hadnt driven through Canary Wharf before and wasnt aware of the art installation it could cause a bit of confusion! Was also quite funny running around the streets trying to find it and google maps epically failed me on my iphone today with it not finding any loactions I needed to go to!